Carlsbad Sister Cities

Futtsu, in the Chiba Prefecture in Japan, shares a coastal similarity with Carlsbad. Located on Tokyo Bay, if enjoys water sports, aqua farming and tourist attractions such as the Mother Farm, Community Sports & Culture Park, the rare Golden Monkeys’ Preserve and the Tokyo Bay Kannon statue of the Goddess of Mercy, a 56 meter high monument to world peace. It was proposed as a sister city by the notable man of peace, Mr. Yoshiro Fujimura.

In the Czech Republic goes back to 1370 when Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV recognized the Bohemian city of Carlsbad (now Karlovy Vary) for the curative powers of its hot mineral springs. It was visited by Goethe, Peter the Great, Beethoven, and Chopin and remains Czechia’s most visited spa destination to this day. It is now one of the UNESCO World Heritage designated Great Spa Towns of Europe ( .

The water in Carlsbad, California was found to have remarkably similar mineral properties to Karlovy Vary and in honor of this connection our city was named Carlsbad. Frazier's well, a state historical site at Alt Carlsbad, features a statue of Frazier sculpted by former Karlovy Vary Mayor Vaclav Lokvenc. Karlovy Vary retains its forested and mountainous grandeur, old-world elegance and china, gem and glass industries. We established the Sister City relationship with our namesake city in 1991.

Home-stay exchanges, student and group travel opportunities, arts and culture, sports and business seminars allow Carlsbad, Futtsu and Karlovy Vary to learn about and benefit from each other. Hundreds of people from all three cities have now discovered how enriching it is to be part of an international family.

Carlsbad Events and Programs

Periodically Carlsbad families host home-stays with students from Futtsu and Karlovy Vary. We too have sent several students to visit our sister cities abroad.
We have also sponsored juried art competitions and sent the winning art for exhibit abroad as well as exhibiting their art here in Carlsbad. CSCA is planning new exchanges and trips to our sister cities and welcomes our area’s dynamic internationally interested citizens to share in the cultural highlights here and abroad. Please sign-up on our home page to receive offers and announcements.

CSCA History

Origin of Sister Cities

The Sister Cities concept was initiated in 1956 by President Dwight Eisenhower to promote cultural and commercial ties. In 1967 it became the Sister Cities International (SCI) organization, a nonprofit citizen diplomacy network for partnerships with international communities. SCI leads the movement for local community and volunteer action by motivating and empowering private citizens, municipal officials and business leaders to promote peace one individual and community at a time.


Mission Statement

In 1988 the Carlsbad City Council recognized the cultural, educational and economic benefits of Sister City relationships when it established the Sister City Program under city ordinance. Its mission was to create active and meaningful connections between Carlsbad and its citizens and comparable yet internationally dispersed communities. These connections were intended to promote peace, cultural awareness and economic opportunities through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation.

Carlsbad Sister City Ambassadors, a Nonprofit Corporation

Consistent with the trend for cities to turn their Sister City program administration over to nonprofit corporations, in 2009 the City of Carlsbad requested it's then Sister City Committee to create a new nonprofit corporation. This was accomplished later that year and in April 2010 the Internal Revenue Service approved the newly created Carlsbad Sister City Ambassadors (CSCA) as a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) corporation. CSCA is now working to expand participation to include more residents and businesses. Founding directors include Tom Hersant (Chair), Harriet Norris and Edna Gibson (Vice Presidents) Jacquie Thye (Secretary) and Kim Miller (Treasurer). All have been actively involved internationally.CSCA has maintained affiliation with Sister Cities International and its over 160 international Sister Cities affiliated with over 30 cities in Southern California.